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January 7, 2012

Worth is the quality or value of something; personal merit; the quantity that can be purchased for a certain amount of money. So how much are you worth???

Are you worth someone breaking their promises to you? Are you worth being lied to? Are you worth hatered? Are you worth jealousy? Are you worth being cheated?


In my mind everyone is too priceless to be bought with such disrespect and mistreatment. No one deserves that sort of behavior towards them. But I see everyday, in others and myself, selling their diginity for someone elses attention. How much is their attention worth? Not at the price of yours surely? Then I see those same people, myself included,  buying others worth for the same cheap price. What cycle is this? I can afford to buy people at their price because my heart is full of love, respect, fairness, kindness, etc. I’m rich and so are you.


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